Ukrainian names

   Name in Ukrainian    Sex    Meaning
Alina female from Latin alien
Alisa female
Alla female German name
Anastasia female from Greek reviviscence
Anatoli male from Greek “West”
Andriy male from Greek “andros”
Anton male “go into action”
Antonina female “go into action”
Anzhela female from “Angel”
Arkadiy male inhabitant of Arkadiya (in Ancient Greece)
Artem male from Greek healthy
Barbara female from Greek foreigner
Bogdan male “given by God”
Bogdana female “given by God”
Borys male “Borislav” – “bor” means fight, “slav” means “fame”
Danylo male “divine justice”
Daria female From Old Persian “winner”
Davyd male “beloved”
Denys male God of nature and wine.
Diana female protector of Moon and hunting
Dina female “power” or “faith”
Dmytro male the goddess of the Land and Fecundity
Eduard male “slum landlord”
Egor male “tiller”
Eleonora female
Elvira female
Elyzaveta female “vow to God”
Eva female Eva is the name of Biblical mother
Evgen male “noble”
Evgenia female “noble”
Galyna female “galene”
Ganna female grace of God
Gavrylo male
Gennady male “noble”
Georgy male “farmer”
Gnat male
Grygory male “waking”
Iryna female “peace”
Ivan male From Old Jewish name John
Juhym male devout, complacent
Kateryna female “chaste”
Khrystyna female “devoted to Christ”
Kyrylo male “the lord”
Lada female “nice”, “wife”
Larysa female “sea gull”
Leonyd male “lion’s son”
Lev male lion
Lidiya female
Lilia female from flower lily
Lubov female “love”
Ludmyla female “likable”
Maksym male Greatest
Mykyta male winner
Natalia female “own”
Nestor male
Oksana female foreign
Oleg male “holy”
Oleksandra female defender
Oleksy male defender
Olena female “peculiar”
Olesia female
Oleskandr male defender
Olha female
Orest male mountain-dweller
Pavlo male “small”
Petro male “rock”
Polina female gods of Sun Apollo
Pylyp male “infatuated with horses”
Raisa female “obedient, yielding”
Roksana female light
Roman male “Roman”
Ruslan male
Ruslana female from male Ruslan
Semen male “Heared by God”
Sergiy male “respected”
Snizhana female
Sofia female “wisdom”
Stanislav male “glorious”
Stepan male “diadem”
Sviatoslav male Saint and glorious
Svitlana female light
Taisiya female
Taras male “mutineer, rebel. “
Tetyana female “organizer”, “founder”
Timur male
Vadym male dispute
Valentyn male “valeo” – healthy
Valentyna female “valeo” – healthy
Valeriy male “valeo” – healthy
Valeriya female “valeo” – healthy
Vasyl male royal
Veronika female
Viacheslav male more fame
Viktor male from word “victory”
Viktoriya female from word “victory”
Vira female “belief”
Vitaliy male vital
Vladislav male “the owner of the fame”
Volodymir male “the owner of the world”
Yadviga female “wealthy warrior”
Yakiv male Jacob
Yan male John, Ivan
Yana female
Yaroslav male furious and glorious
Yuliya female “frizzy”, “fluffy”
Yuriy male Slavic form of name Georgy
Zhanna female “Grace”
Zinaida female “born by Zeus”
Zoya female “life”
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