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We have served thousands of expats from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other former-Soviet countries, who need their immigration, educational and other personal documents translated for the USCIS. Clients turn to Foreign Documents Ltd. to meet their Russian translation needs thanks to our fast processing, low prices and excellent customer service. We take certified translation very seriously as we know that many clients depend on our work to obtain citizenship or legal status.

We also provide translations for the Russian Embassy and Consulates, as well as for the Embassy and Consulate General of the Republic of Belarus.

We know everything about your documents – how to transliterate the villages and districts, which date format to use when submitting documents to the immigration service, and which when submitting documents to consulates. We have accumulated a really huge experience in translating documents between Russian and English languages. Our library of beautifully formatted design templates contains over 500 documents. These are both Soviet-style documents and the latest forms of documents from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova.

As a member of the American Translators Association, we follow strict quality assurance procedures of translation services. You can be sure that your documents are in good hands and will be translated by the best certified Russian translators.

ATA-certified translator for Russian and Ukrainian languages

Where are certified translations used?

Common uses for Certified Translation include: U.S. Immigration (USCIS submission), evaluation agencies, university and college enrollment, passport office. We translate Russian birth, marriage, divorce certificates, driver’s licenses, adoption papers (in the early 2000s, US citizens adopted about 5,000 children per year), vaccination records, military service cards, employment books and many other personal documents for certified translation purposes.

We translate academic transcripts for students from Russia to help them with their application to U.S. universities.

Do you provide translation services for Russian Embassy/Consulates?

Yes, we do provide translation services for Russian Embassy/Consulates.

To submit your US document to Russian Embassy/Consulate, you need:

  1. receive an Apostille for your U.S. document, it can be done at the office of the Department of State, in which your US document were issued (apostilles are not placed on Green Cards, Passports)
  2. prepare translation in doc file. All the pages of the document should be translated, including the page with Apostille and pages with County Clerck’s certification
  3. Send document along with translation in doc file to the email of Russian Consulate / Embassy to be notarized for consular fee $35 per page for the citizens of Russia and $65 for non-Russian citizens.

The requirements for the translation are the following:

  • translation in .doc file in text, not image
  • Correct date format (’11/28/2021’ should be written ’28.11.2021’, January 23, 2022, should be written as ’23 января 2022 г.’)
  • All the text should be translated (seals, stamps, abbreviations, notes, marks, etc.)
  • Accurate and correct translation
  • is consistent with the Russian grammar rules

If the translation is not accepted by the Consular / Embassy Officer, your related issue will not be resolved.

You can translate documents by yourself, there are many samples of translations on the official website of the Russian Embassy or Request a Quote and we’ll prepare a risk-free translation for you.

Do you provide translation services for Belarus Embassy /Consulate?

Yes, we do provide translation services for Belarussian Embassy in Washington and Belarus Consulate in New York.

To submit your US document to Belarus Embassy/Consulate, you need:

  1. receive an Apostille for your U.S. document, it can be done at the office of the Department of State, in which your US document was issued (apostilles are not placed on Green Cards, Passports)

2) prepare notarized Russian translation of your US document (including the page with Apostille and pages with County Clerck’s certification)

3) receive an Apostille for a notarized translation (what? another apostille? yes! one apostille is for the original document and the second apostille is for translation)

We provide notarized translation for the Belarus embassy/consulate. Please request a quote. Our affidavit of translation accuracy attached to the translation is bilingual (prepared in English and Russian languages). Our translations are certified by New York Notary. So the second Apostille should be received in the New York Department of State.

If I Need to Submit the U.s. Birth Certificate in Russia, Where Should I Make Its Translation?

Either in the U.S. or Russia. If you do it in the United States, then it ought to be notarized at the Russian Embassy/Consulate in the U.S. Otherwise, a translation can be produced, certified and notarized in Russia. In Russia presumably, it is going to be cheaper and quicker.

Why Use Foreign Documents Ltd.?


Unchanged since its foundation in 2004, a small group of professional translators. We have chosen the niche of personal documents, concentrated on the Russian and other Slavic languages. This allows us to keep full control over translations at every stage and guarantees excellent quality. Our team has decades of translation experience combined with industry-specific expertise to provide you with understanding as well as translation.

Straight Forward Pricing

Prices are listed on the page of each personal document. No need to count words. Just find your document.

Fast Turnaround

1 business day for most documents. Need it faster? You can always choose expedited same-day processing.

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