Russian Translation in Los Angeles

  • prices are as low as $24.95 per page
  • unmatched quality of translations (in-house, exceptional design, quality assurance)
  • certification (Affidavit of translation accuracy) is included
  • notarized certification is available
  • accepted by USCIS, the U.S. universities, and colleges, government agencies
  • 1-2 day delivery
  • corporate ATA member
  • thousands of satisfied clients since 2004 including the Los Angeles metropolitan area
  • 17+ years in business
Russian Translation Los Angeles

We provide nationwide translation services including Los Angeles and other cities of the State of California, as well as other U.S. states. Our certified translations from Russian to English are accurate and reasonably priced, produced on the company letterhead, and include Affidavit of Translation Accuracy duly completed and signed. Notarized hard copies of translations can be delivered by express mail if ordered. Our certified translations can be verified by receiving authorities online. We are a corporate member of the American Translators Association (ATA), and our certified translations are accepted by USCIS and other government and private agencies, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

How does it work? Just

  1.  take a photo of the document to be translated
  2. upload the source file along with your order, and
  3. receive certified copy of the translation, uploaded to your account (notarized copies are delivered by USPS Priority mail if ordered)

You can receive translation comfortably without leaving your home. Sign up and track your order. Contact us by email or by phone, if necessary. As for the quality of our translations, it is second to none, guaranteed!

We also provide other related services, such as document retrieval and apostille authentication (consular legalization). We are in business for more than 15 years, and we strive for perfection in everything we do. Our motto (3E) means: “Excellence. Experience. Expertise.” You can definitely rely on us. We are interested in long-term relationships and believe in personal bonds and individual touch. Our goal is to become a permanent assistant in your foreign affairs regarding documents intended for foreign use.

Los Angeles’s Russian-speaking population is about 50,000. There are also places in California where the percentage of Russians living is quite large, reaching 10%, for example, Encino, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, Long Beach, Fremont, San Jose, Woodland Hills, San Diego, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Citrus Heights, Costa Mesa, Glendale, Ventura, Santa Clara, Concord, Fresno, Anaheim, Torrance, Orange, Fullerton, Oceanside, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Malibu, Northridge, Berkeley, Palm Desert, Palo Alto, Thousand Oaks, San Rafael, Mountain View, San Francisco, Canoga Park, Walnut Creek, Van Nuys, Los Altos, Palm Springs, San Mateo, Danville, North Hollywood, Santa Cruz, Redondo Beach, Davis, Simi Valley, Irvine, Carlsbad, Santa Barbara, Burbank, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Huntington Beach, Oakland, Riverside. 

russian and ukrainian translation in Los Angeles, ca

‘Do you have an office in Los Angeles, CA near me?’ That’s the question we often hear. No, we don’t and you shouldn’t look for such an office. Everything can be done over the Internet. Just take a photo of your document and upload it while ordering. You’ll receive your translation in 1 day. Easy. That’s it!

Los Angeles is a fantastic city for Russian immigrants. It’s known for its creativity, innovation, and progressive politics. However, there are many challenges newcomers face when adjusting to life here. Russian-borns can face challenges finding a job after they arrive in Los Angeles and facing the exorbitant cost of rent, school enrollment, medical care, and transportation. If you’re looking on our site, then you won’t have to worry about translating your Russian documents. They will be translated at the lowest cost in the shortest possible time. 

There is no Russian Consulate in Los Angeles. California is served by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the USA, located at 2650 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Washington, DC 20007. We do provide translation services for US documents to be submitted to Russian Embassy in Washington. Don’t forget to obtain an Apostille for your US document before submitting it to the Embassy

There is no Ukrainian Consulate in Los Angeles. The nearest Ukrainian Consulate is located at 530 Bush Street, Suite 402, San Francisco, California, 94108. We do provide translation services for Ukrainian Consulate in San Francisco. The translation should be notarized. Affidavits of translation accuracy are prepared in two languages – Ukrainian (since it will be submitted to Ukrainian Consulate) and English (since it will be notarized by US Civil Law Notary).

There is no Belarussian Consulate in Los Angeles. But we can prepare translation for the Embassy of Belarus in Washington and the Consulate General of Belarus in New York. The US document must be apostilled before translation, translation must be notarized, and after that, the translation should be Apostilled.

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