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Our Translation is Amazing


Certified translations are delivered as a PDF file with a signed Certificate of Translation, which fully complies with the requirements of USCIS, universities, colleges, evaluation agencies, employers. 

No, we don’t need originals. Take a photo of your document and attach it while ordering.

Yes, you’ll receive a word-for-word, line-by-line translation with the same format as the original.

You can request a revision directly from your account or by email.

Yes, we provide notary certification for our translations. The majority of translations do not need to be notarized, but if you would like your translations notarized for any reason, please add to your order item ‘Notarized Copy’.

If the organization to which you are going to submit the document clearly requires a “notarized translation” or “notary certification of translation”, then you will need a notarized copy of the translation. But most authorities (USCIS, evaluation agencies, universities, colleges) only require a certified translation. Our digital copies of the translation in PDF files fully comply with the requirements for a certified translation. 

Proper spelling of names as written on your Passport, Green Card, or another document.

No, we do not offer credentials evaluation services, we do provide translation services only. Certified translation of your academic records is required for credential evaluation. The most reputable evaluation agency is WES, but you can choose any of NACES list (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services)

Our translations fully comply with USCIS requirements and have never been rejected since 2004. 

Yes, our certified translations are accepted by these evaluation agencies as well as any credential evaluation agency in NACES list

Despite the strict requirements of ECFMG, our translations of Medical Diplomas are accepted by ECFMG.

In addition, we match the translation with the ECFMG Reference Guide for Medical Education Credentials 

Yes, we can. Please provide us with a contact email and we will send the translation to a NASBA representative. 


Many academic institutions require documents such as a diploma or transcript translation for entrance purposes. Foreign Documents Ltd. has translated thousands of Diplomas, Transcripts, School Certificates  and guarantees 100% acceptance.

Whether you’re a student applying to school or a job-seeker submitting a job application, we can help translate your academic records.

We provide official certified & notarized translation of Diplomas from Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian languages. We are the Member of the ATA (American Translators Associations). Our translation is accepted by any American colleges and universities, including WES, ECFMG, ECE, FCE, NASBA, etc.. Our company is located in New York (serving Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island), but we provide translation services for Russian educational documents all over the U.S. (California – Los Angeles (LA), San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco (SF), Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Riverside, Texas, DFW area – Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin; and Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Berkley, Jacksonville, Miami, Columbus, Rego Park, Columbus OH, Washington DC, New Jersey, Boston, Seattle, Nashville, Denver, Las Vegas, Tucson, Tulsa, Pittsburgh, and Brighton) 

Translations of Russian education documents – diplomas, transcripts, academic records – required in the following cases:

  • To enroll in an American college, university
  • For credentials evaluation in WES, ECE, FCE, ECFMG, NASBA, etc.
  • For employment
  • For training courses
  • For the continuation of the child’s schooling

Do I need certified or notarized translation?

From our experience, the majority of universities, colleges, evaluation agencies are accepting certified translation, and rarely notarized. Some universities require apostilled documents. Others require diplomas were sent to University directly from your previous educational institution in a sealed envelope. Requirements for all US colleges and universities are different; therefore, we recommend that you contact the institution directly in which you plan to enroll. 

If you are a student from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan planning to study in the U.S., you probably need to undergo a credential evaluation from WES, ECE, IERF, FCE or ECFMG. These credential evaluation agencies accept only translations by certified translators. Our certified and experienced translators will tailor your translation into the specific format required by each credential evaluation agency.

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