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Certified translations are delivered as a PDF file with a signed Certificate of Translation, which fully complies with the requirements of USCIS, universities, colleges, evaluation agencies, employers. 

No, we don’t need originals. Take a photo of your document and attach it while ordering.

We will provide a full refund of your translation cost if it is not accepted by USCIS. But don’t worry, our translations fully comply with USCIS requirements and have never been rejected since 2004. 

Yes, we provide notary certification for our translations.  The majority of translations do not need to be notarized, but if you would like your translations notarized for any reason, please add to your order item ‘Notarized Copy’.

If the organization to which you are going to submit the document clearly requires a “notarized translation”, “notary certification of translation”, then you will need a notarized copy of the translation. But most authorities (USCIS, evaluation agencies, universities, colleges) only require a certified translation. Our digital copies of the translation in PDF files fully comply with the requirements for a certified translation. 

Proper spelling of names as written on your Passport, Green Card, or another document.

Many government agencies require documents such as a Birth Certificate translation for immigration or travel purposes. Foreign Documents Ltd. has translated thousands of Birth Certificate since 2004 and guarantees 100% acceptance.

We provide Birth Certificate translation services for submitting documents to USCIS. Fast and cheap translations of birth certificate between Russian-English and Ukrainian-English languages for all 50 US States and Puerto Rico.  

A birth certificate is an important civil status document, so it is imperative that the translation of the birth certificate is accurate. All words (printed and handwritten), text of seals, stamps must be translated. An interesting issue for Russian Birth Certificates is whether to include a patronymic in the translation. Correct translation implies the translation of the entire written text, therefore, strictly speaking, the translator is obliged to translate the patronymic name. From the practice that has developed between Russian applicants and USCIS, the translation of the patronymic is not required. Therefore, when translating your birth certificate, in the question of patronymic names we will be guided solely by the instructions that you provided to us when placing your order.

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