Russian Soviet names

After the Soviet Revolution in 1917 a lot of new Soviet names came into the world. New names reflected the Soviet epoch.
Kim – abbreviation from Kommunistichesky International Molodezhy, which means Communist Youth International;
Lagshmivar – from LAGer SHMIdta V ARktike, means Shmidt Camp in Arctic;
TSAS – abbreviation from TSentralny Aptechny Sklad, means Central Pharmaceutic Store;
Persostrat – from PERvy SOvetsky STRATostat, means First Soviet Stratosphere Balloon;
Dazdraperma – from DA ZDRAstvuet PERvoye Maya, means Viva May Day;
Revolutsia – russian word for Revolution;
Lenina – from Lenin;
Stalina – from Stalin;
Oktyabrina – from October – month of Revolution in 1917;
Vladlena – from VLADimir iLich LENin;
Ninel – read word Lenin inside out.

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