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   Common phrase in English    Russian Pronunciation
   Yes    Da
   No    Net
   Excuse me    Yzveenee
   Excuse me    Yzveeneete (formal)*
   Please    Pozhaluista
   Can you tell me please    Skazheete pozhluista
   I    Ya, like in word yard
   You    Ty
   You    Vy (formal)
   We    My
   She    Ana
   He    On
   It    Ano
   They    Anee
   Thank you    Spaseebo
   Thank you very much    Spaseebo balshoye
   Don't mention it    Ne-za-chto
   Do you speak Russian?    Vy gavareeteh pa ru-sky?
   Do you speak English?    Vy gavareeteh pa anglisky?
   I don't speak English    Ya ne gavareeu na angliyskom
   I don't speak Russian    Ya ne gavareeu na ruskom
   My Russian is bad    Ya ploha gavaru pa Ruski
   I do not understand    Ya ne paneemau
   Could you speak slowly?    Gavareeteh medlenie
   Could you speak loudly?    Gavareeteh gromche

* There are difference between formal and informal speech. When you speak with someone who you know good, you should use words as it gives, but when you talk to unknown, officials, etc, you shoud add ending "te". It sounds like syllable "te" in word technical.

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