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If you need to submit a New Jersey document to a foreign country, the original ‘naked’ document will simply be rejected. In order for one country to be able to trust a document issued by another country, this document must be authenticated using a special procedure. This procedure is called Apostille.

If you were born in New Jersey, married here, graduated from the New Jersey City University, and life turned out in such a way that you left for a foreign country, then you will definitely come across the fact that you will need to obtain an apostille for these documents – birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas.

Situations where a New Jersey Birth Certificate requires Apostille:

  • Moving overseas
  • International adoption
  • Marriage in another country (like romantic wedding in the Dominican Republic or a real necessity if your bride is Russian, certified Russian translation can be ordered here)

Situations where a New Jersey death certificate requires apostille:

    • Burying a deceased relative in a foreign country
  • Inheritance of a deceased relative located outside the United States

In New Jersey, the process is fairly straightforward.

Who issue Apostille in New Jersey?

Apostilles issued by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Trenton.

How to order Apostille in New Jersey

Please fill in the form in https://www.njportal.com/dor/apostille

I currently live in New Jersey but was born in Florida. Where can I get an apostille – in NJ or Florida?

You should receive an Apostille in the state of origin of your document – Florida. 

My New Jersey Birth Certificate is not acceptable for Apostille. What should I do?

You should order a new certified copy of your Vital Record. 

These copies are green, blue or burgundy. Yellow certificates are not accepted.

In short, yellow Certificates (signed by local registrars) are not accepted. Qualified Certificates are made on green, blue or burgundy paper (signed by the State Registrar).

New Jersey Apostille

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