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Apostille is a form of official confirmation of documents for the proper recognition of their legal force in all countries that have acceded to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961.

There is no single place that would affix the “apostille” stamp on a document in California. The locations depend on where the document was issued and whether you want to certify – original document or copy, state-level document, or federal level document. If the document was issued at the state level, you can obtain it in the California Department of State, if the document is a federal level document, you must proceed with it with the US Department of State.

Today, many Californians live outside their state of origin, while others travel a lot for business. And they all need Apostille in California for their birth, marriage certificate, corporate documents, etc. But finding reliable and affordable providers for this can be a real pain in the neck!

There is information regarding the apostille process in California. How much does it cost? $5 per document, as described on government websites, or the $175 that many Californian apostille service providers request? So the answer is yes, it might cost you $ 5 if you are in the US and you have the desire and ability to understand the intricacies of the apostille process, and yes, it might cost you $175 if you outside the US or you just want to find someone who can solve this problem.

Find out more on our website on how to get your documents apostilled in California.

You need to obtain an apostille from California for the child’s birth certificate, or your marriage certificate. The process is money-intensive and time-consuming, so it’s best to do it while you’re living in California. If you plan to live in a country without a formal government system, such as North Korea or Cuba, then you may need to contact an American embassy or consulate before you can begin the process.

When you need to send a document across state lines, it must be accompanied by an Apostille or certification. But what is this? How do you get it in the first place? This article covers the basics of what an apostille is, the process for getting one, and how much it cost.

An apostille certifies that a particular document has been properly certified by both government entities in two different countries.

What is the California Apostille for?

Were you born or married in California (San Diego, San Francisco) and have now moved outside the United States?

How can you legalize your documents in a country that has become your new home? You need to get an Apostille!

How can I get an Apostille in California?

1) You can do it by yourself in Sacramento or Los Angeles (this is the best option if you are located in the U.S.)

Secretary of State (Sacramento)

1500 11th Street, 2nd Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

Secretary of State (Los Angeles)

300 South Spring Street, Room 12513

Los Angeles, CA 90013

2) Use the California apostille services like Foreign Documents Express (this is the best option if you are outside the U.S.)

This company has been obtaining apostilles in the United States, including California, since 2008. They will advise you in detail on all your apostille questions. Also, on their website, you can fill out a form for a free apostille evaluation (is your document legible for California apostille or you should receive a new certified copy). If you need to obtain an Apostille in California for your documents, feel free to contact the Foreign Documents Express. 

Why do you need to use the services of professionals when Apostille documents? Foreign Documents Express received apostilles for more than 1000 California documents and knows all the details. The rules change quite often. For example, until 2017, the California State Secretariat did not affix an apostille stamp on documents for non-Hague countries, but in 2017 it began affixing an apostle on documents for these countries as well. Entrust your California Apostille documents to professionals and you will not be disappointed. They are professional and they can assist all your Apostille needs in California. 

What documents can be apostilled in California?

They can be divided into three groups.

1) Certificates of birth, marriage and death (must be obtained no more than five years ago, must not contain a notarial certification, since notaries in California are not allowed to make certified copies of vital records)

2) Educational documents – diplomas and school records issued by the school registrar’s office

3) Corporate documents issued by the California Secretary of State Corporations Division

Can a document be apostilled in a language other than English (for example, in Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian)?

Yes, in California you can get an Apostille for such a document, but the notarial certification must be done in English. 

Do I need to apostille translation of the document to be submitted to another country?

It is wrong to certify a translation with an apostille, however, some officials require an apostille for translation, for example, the Belarusian Embassy in the USA

Is it possible to obtain an apostille for a notarized document?  For example, a copy of a document or an affidavit?

Yes, you should notarize your document with Jurat or an Acknowledgment Statement

How can a California Apostille be verified?

The detailed instructions are listed at the bottom of California Apostille. You should follow the link https://apostille-search.sos.ca.gov and input the information requested 

  1. Apostille number (which you can find in item 8 of your Californian apostille)
  2. Issue Date (which you can find in item 6 of your Californian apostille)

How can I get Apostille in California for documents received in other US states?

You should contact the Secretary of State’s office for your state of residence. You must also contact the state authority where you reside for more information on how to obtain an Apostille or Certification in California from another state. The Secretary of State’s Office does not issue an Apostille or Certification from another state on documents issued by a California court or agency nor by a California county clerk/recorder/registrar, etc

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Apostille California

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