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Russian boy names

  • Arkady
    from Greek "Arkados", that mean inhabitant
    of Arkadiya (in Ancient Greece)

  • Artem
    from Greek: healthy, strong

  • Alexander (short forms: Sasha, Shurik, Alex)
    from Greek: defender

  • Aleksey (short form: Lesha, Alesha, Alex)
    from Greek: defender

  • Anatoly (short form: Tolya, Tolia, Tolik)
    mean inhabitant of Anatolya (in Ancient Greece)
    from Greek: "West"

  • Anton
    from Greek: "go into action"

  • Andrey
    from Greek "andros" - man

  • Adam
    from Hebrew "from red clay" - man

  • Bogdan
    from Old Slavic - "given by God"

  • Boris
    from Slavic name "Borislav" - "bor" means fight, "slav" means "fame"

  • Valery (Valera)
    from Latin word "valeo", that mean healthy

  • Valentin (Valik)
    from Latin word "valeo", that mean healthy

  • Vasily (Vasya)
    from Old Greek, that mean royal

  • Vadim (Vadik)
    from Old Russian "vadity", that mean dispute

  • Vladimir (Vova)
    from Old Slavic "the owner of the world"

  • Vladislav (Vlad, Vladik)
    from Old Slavic "the owner of the fame"

  • Viktor (Vitya)
    from word "victory"

  • Vitaly (Vitalik)
    from Latin word "vitalis", that mean vital

  • Viacheslav (Slavik, Slava)
    from Old Russian words - "biache" means "more" and "slav" means fame

  • Grigory (Grisha)
    from Old Greek words "waking"

  • Georgy
    from Old Greek words "georgos", which mean "farmer"

  • Gennady (Gena)
    from Old Greek words "noble"

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