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Ukrainian National Dance Costume

Traditional folk attire is exhibited in museums, in souvenir shops, and is worn by members of folk ensembles.

What factors influenced the evolution of Ukrainian national costume?

On the one hand, there were climate conditions and types of work activity in different regions of the country. On the other hand, neighbouring states and military invasions affected changes in culture and elements in folk attire. Add to this artistic talent, good natural taste and thirst for improvement, which are distinctive Ukrainian characteristics, and you have the result: an intricate, colourful and diverse dress.

The most popular and widespread sample of women's attire is a long chemise, with a belt around the waist. Stylized flowers and mythical symbols dating from the pre-Christian era decorate the chemise.

Footwear included high, red boots, brocade shoes and sandals, popular in the Polissia and Carpathian regions.

For men the national costume consists of a shirt, trousers (narrow or wide), a vest, a belt and black boots. Men's shirts evolved from a knee-length tunic into a hip-length shirt with embroidered collar and cuffs worn tucked into the trousers. Oak branches, symbol of strength, were the favorite ornament to embroired on a man's shirt. Sometimes a vest is worn over the shirt. Belts were made of silk, wool or cotton. They varied in color and had long tassels.

Ukrainian translation of words
   Word in English    Ukrainian Translation
   coat    paltoh
   raincoat    plasch
   furcoat    shubah
   anorak    kurtkah
   suit    kostum
   jacket    jacket
   shirt    sorochkah
   trousers    shtany
   jeans    jeans
   dress    suknya
   blouse    bluzah
   skirt    speednytsya
   socks    shkarpetkee
   stockings    panchohy
   shoe    tufel'
   boot    sapog
   hat    shlyapa
   kerchief    hustka
   tie    kravatka

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