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Travel Business of consultants and agents in Ukraine

Travel business of consultants, as an important factor in inter-branch cooperation and improvement of market relations, is directly linked to the intellectual, cultural and economic potewntial of Ukraine.

Ukraine has great potential for developing tourism: excellent geographic and climatic conditions, historical and cultural resources. Over 125 thousand archaeologocal, architectural, and historical monuments, some dating from the 10-th-11th certuries, and hundreds of museums reflect the remarkable history of the Ukrainian people, who have made worthy contribution to world culture.

The most important and valuable historical, architectural and cultural monuments are cencentrated in the regions aroud Kiev, Chernyhiv, Sumy, Poltava, Cherkasy and in the land of Halychyna and Podillia. The beauty and significance of these monuments and of objects of art and frescoes found in this area, have been the motivating factor in creating a system of tourist itinararies named «The Necklace of Slavutich» (Slavutych is the ancient Slavic name of the Dnipro River).

In recent years tourism has undergone considerable changes. Excellent conditions exist for good and inexpensive vacations. ASt the request of foreign travel companies, a number of tourist itineraries are being explored.

Dozens of Ukraine consultants and agents participated in international tourist fairs, exchanges and other meetings held in Berlin, Warsaw, London, Milan and Budapest. Working relations have been established with the World Tourist Organization. Kyiv hosted three international tourist fairs.

Ukraine welcomes guests from all over the world to visit Ukraine and to travel throughout its hospitable land.

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