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   Telephone Call Phrases in English    Russian Pronunciation
   Hello    Alloh
   This is ...    Etoh ...
   My name is ...    Menya zovut ...
   Who is calling please?     Khtoh gavareet?
    Could you ring me back?    Vy mozheteh mneh perezvaneet?
   What is your telephone number?    Kakoy vash nomer telephonah?
   My number is ...    Moy nomer ....
   Speaking!    Slushaju vas!
   Could you repeat please    Pavtareeteh pazhalustah.
   I'll call you back.    Ya vam perezvanuh.
   Don't speak so fast.    Ne gavareeteh tak bystroh.
   May I use your telephone?    Mozhnah mneh aht vas pazvaneet?
   Dail again please    Nabereeteh nomer snovah.
   Speak a bit louder, please.    Gavareeteh gromcheh.
   What number are your calling?    Pah kakomuh nomeruh vy zvaneeteh?
   I am calling from a pay phone    Ya zvonuh iz avtomatah.
   I am calling from a cellular phone    Ya zvonuh s mabeelnavah.
   My office number is ...    Moy rabochee telephone ...
   My home number is ...    Moy damashnee telephone ...
   My cell number is ...    Moy mabeelneeh telephone ...
   Wrong number    Vy asheeblees nomerom.
   Hold on    Padazhdeeteh
   What's your extention?    Kakoy u vas dabavochny?
   Phone directory    Telephony spravochnik
   What is the area code?    Kod goradah?
   The line is busy.    Zanyatoh.