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Documents Legalization

There is some peculiarity in preparation of documents intended for foreign countries.

Such document should be executed according to the requirements of the issuing country, and get through certain processing to become valid in foreign country. Such procedure is called "document legalization", and it involves hierarchical multi-step certification/authentication by authorized government officials. Standard procedure of document legalization should be finalized by special certification in a consulate or consular section of the embassy of the destination country. Most often this standard multi-step authentication procedure of document legalization is replaced by a simplified procedure, resulting in normalized certification by an apostille, which is applicable when both issuing and destination countries are parties of international agreement on simplified document legalization, so called 1961 Hague Convention.

Additionally, a document intended for another country is usually executed in the language of the issuing country, and needs to be translated into the official language of the destination country. Such translation must be performed according to the requirements of the destination country, and certified by a notary public of the destination country.

Also, a document must meet specific requirements of the accepting office, and be adequate to home documents which generally should be presented in conformity with a certain form or sample.

Apparently, a document for foreign country is almost always quite costly, not to mention expenses on international delivery. It takes weeks, and often months, to prepare it.

All of the above makes a task of preparation of a document intended for foreign country a very delicate matter, and requires competent implementation. Even a tiny mistake will most definitely cost hundreds of dollars and lots of time.

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