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What would the world be like if everyone spoke the same language? Would we understand each other better and be more sympathetic to each other causes. It is not about the firs language. It is about the second language. And it's not about English, but Esperanto.

This language was invested in 1887 by a Polish doctor, Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhoff. The vocabulary comes mainly from Western European Languages, and the grammar is similar to Slavic languages. It sounds like Italian.

From the learner's point of view, it has the advantage that there are no exceptions to rules. It is spoken all over the world by approximately eight million people.

Esperanto means 'hopeful', and it was Zamenhoff's hope that a common language would promote a friendship and an understanding amongst all people of the world.

The advantages of Esperanto as a world language are that the world being able to talk freely to each other. The costs of translation at any international conference are high. 55% of the EEC's budget is taken up by translation costs.

Esperanto is a neutral language. It doesn't have the national, political and cultural bias. Everybody is equal.

Esperanto is a very easy language to learn. The grammar is based on just sixteen rules which have no exceptions.

Esperanto most widely used in Hungary, China.

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